Rebecca Wright


About Rebecca

I am a designer with experience in UX/UI design as well as traditional graphic design including print, branding, and book design. My goal is to bring together well-thought-out experiences with well-crafted visuals to create products that are delightful and easy to use and that make people’s lives better.

I can also code in HTML5, CSS and some Javascript and jQuery. I love coding, because it allows me to bring my designs to life. It takes my work out of my computer and puts it on screens around the world and lets me design, tweak, experiment, and perfect in the real world, rather than in hypothetical mockups.


I have worked for four years as a freelance or contract designer, with a few internships including Amazon Lab126, where I worked on the UX Team that designed the Amazon Fire TV.

In 2014 I received an MFA in Graphic Design from the Academy of Art University. My thesis project, Same Moon, makes travel more meaningful by creating connections between travelers and locals, using a website, iPad ebook app, and a meet up event.


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In addition to being a designer, I’m also an avid reader, a type nerd, a world traveler, a gardener, a high five enthusiast, and a skiier born and raised in a surfing town. I love exploring San Francisco and trying the never-ending new restaurants. I also write about designing reading experiences on my blog Pixel & Pilcrow, a Wordpress Recommended Art & Design Blog with 1,900+ followers.

Working Magic (Portfolio Book)