Same Moon, Thesis Project

Website, ebook app and meet up, to help connect travelers and locals.

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Amazon Fire TV

Variety of tasks as a design intern on UX Team for Amazon Fire TV.

Professional, 2013View →

Cloud City Development

Website redesign for Cloud City Development.

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Exploring Stories

An iPhone app for travelers at Angkor, to plan & enrich their trip.

Academic, 2012View →

Grinning Under Murky Skies

Branded materials for a film festival of Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s films.

Academic, 2012View →

Typographic Murmuration

A book on typography, with abstract illustrations of a murmuration.

Academic, 2012View →

A New Kind of Neighborhood

Rebrand for GeoCities, to represent a new business plan.

Academic, 2012View →

Drumlin Farm

Redesign of the Drumlin Farm website, and coding a live site.

Academic, 2011View →

What You Make of It

A book on the future of furniture, with a focus on sustainable design.

Academic, 2011View →

Angel Island and Its Ghosts

An iPad ebook app about Angel Island and its history.

Academic, 2012View →

Designing Sacred Spaces

Posters with hand-made typography, for lectures on religious architecture.

Academic, 2012View →


Twelve cards on the typeface Huronia and Inuit culture & language.

Academic, 2012View →

Around the Table

A book about the issues surrounding family dinners in the modern world.

Academic, 2011View →

Your Project

Interested in hiring me? Contact me today.

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