What You Make of It

Book Cover

Objective Design a book about the future of an assigned topic. Present your vision of how the topic will change and what it will be like in roughly ten years.

Concept What You Make of It is a 65 page book on the future of furniture. It discusses the topic from the perspective of the materials used to make furniture, and how the design of furniture reflects the philosophical beliefs of the society or designers who created them.

The first chapter presents a history of furniture, with design movements such as Bauhaus and Mid Century Modern. Each movement features an iconic material—steel for Bauhaus, plywood for Mid Century Modern, et cetera.

Using arguments and examples from Cradle to Cradle and Objectified, the second and third chapters of the book discuss how today’s furniture designers are more aware of their environmental impact. The book concludes that future furniture will be made of sustainable or biodegradeable materials.

Visuals The book has a limited color scheme that reflects colors found in furniture—grays, browns, yellows, and a bright red. Photographs are duotone to make them a more cohesive set and to focus attention on form. The images include close-ups of furniture materials and chairs in different design styles.

Typography consists of three typefaces all of which were chosen for their clean yet interesting shapes, with the intention of using typography to concentrate on form and design. Conqueror Sans is used for pull quotes, and has simple geometric shapes with unusual ligatures. Eames Century Modern Stencil is used for drop caps and chapter openers, partially as an homage to Charles and Ray Eames, but also for its distinctive shapes. The main body text is in Chaparral, which is a serif with large counters and a high x-height.

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