Inuktitut cards in the box

Objective Design a series of ten or more cards that presents a typeface of your choice and explains the principles of typography using vector illustrations. Choose a conceptual theme to unify the card set, and design appropriate packaging to hold the card set.

Concept Inuktitut is a series of twelve cards on the typeface Huronia and the language Inuktitut, which is used by the Inuit. Huronia, designed by Ross Mills, is one of the few typefaces that provides glyph support for many Native American languages like Inuktitut.

In addition to explaining the principles of typography, the card set discusses how a written language is created and why it is important for type designers to support minority languages such as Inuktitut. The cards also share Inuit culture, and some thoughts from Ross Mills about his inspiration for the design of the typeface.

Visuals The twelve cards use a limited color pallete of several pale blues, grays, and a bright orange to reflect the colors found in the icy Arctic landscape.

Huronia is the only typeface, and variation is provided by different colors and fonts, including regular, bold and italic. In addition to set text, large letterforms are used as part of several of the illustrations.

Many cards have repeating triangular or snowflake-shaped geometric patterns. The cards also feature simple vector illustrations of objects or animals from the world of the Inuit, including caribou, polar bears and bark canoes.

The geometric form of the cards mimics the geometric shapes of the illustrations. The card set is held in a hand-made birch plywood box with a laser-cut title. A small burlap bag contains wooden letters in the Huronia typeface to accompany the cards.

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