Around the Table

Coming Together: Chapter Opener

Objective Pick a social issue of interest to you, research it thoroughly, and suggest several potential solutions to help improve the situation. Present your research and solutions in a book, with supporting materials that relate to your topic.

Concept The book, Around the Table, looks at the complicated relationship between food and family. It covers many facets including healthy eating, pressure to provide home cooked meals, families spending time together, obesity, drug use in teens, and non-traditional families including single parents and gay parents.

Visuals Around the Table uses an Americana aesthetic, with a red, yellow, green, blue, and brown color scheme. Photographs are paired with traditional graphic embellishments and illustrations in a rough, hand-made style. The rough illustrations are also used on the custom letterpressed Recipe Cards.

Around the Table uses the sans serif Syntax for body copy, and the slab serif Silica in a lighter weight for title copy.

The book
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